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Mini Dough Bowl Candles

Dough Bowl Candles

Hand Poured Candles

Mini Dough Bowl Candles

Wicked Wick Candle Co.

Wicked Wick Candle Co. is a small business located at 209A Commercial Avenue in Coleman, Tx. We hand pour each candle right here in our storefront and are a complete IN HOUSE operation. Everything from our website, labels, printing, and packaging all happens right here in our shop! Our candles are a Para-Soy blend and we offer both Wooden Wicks and Cotton Wicks! All of our fragrance oils are hand picked and every candle has been tested right here in our shop! As a MIGHTY but small business, we are so thankful for the likes, shares, word of mouth and orders! Thank you so much for supporting us! We love what we do and hope you enjoy all of our products! Come see us in Coleman, Tuesday - Saturday 11am-6pm!!!


Candle/Wick Care - Don't forget to trim your wick before each burn and to remove all charred wood/or mushrooming from previous burns. Also, make sure you let the wax melt across the entire diameter of your candle on the first burn. This helps prevent tunneling which impacts how the candle burns in the future! These two simple steps will help ensure you get the full life out of your wooden wick candle! - WW

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